International Conference 2004

Welcome To GuangZhou

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Dear Friends:
   The International Society on Geometry and Graphics has successfully held ten academic conferences every other year since 1978. Enormous progress of science and technology during this period has changed our world greatly. For organizing the first conference, we communicated by mail and waited for month to get information back. While now, Internet links every corner of the world, and we are sending and receiving message in a second. Application of new technology radically changed the way of design and manufacturing,exerted deep influence to our working and living environment, called for updating the contents and way of teaching and learning. Geometry and Graphics got unprecedented quick development and were applied to much wider fields than ever. Geometry studies in mathematics the shapes and angles formed by the relationships of lines, surfaces and solids in space, while graphics presents the geometry and all objects in the visualized form of drawings and pictures. A picture surpasses thousands words. Both geometry and graphics are the everlasting topics in all disciplines. Long live geometry and graphics!

   We warmly welcome you to join the 11th ICGG in Guangzhou China. Professors, scholars, engineers and students engaged in the research, development, application and education of Geometry and Graphics all over the world come together to present their new achievements, exchange new ideas, discuss new problems that interested or perplexed us, promoting our mutual understanding and deepening our friendship. In the conference we will meet old friends and get acquainted with new fiends, visit our flourishing city, the beautiful landscape and historical sites in China and enjoy the hospitality of Chinese people. We will do our best to make the conference and touring fruitful and joyful.

   We are looking forward to see you in Guangzhou.