International Conference 2004

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Call for papers


1.Theoretical Graphics and Geometry:

Theoretical Graphics, Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, Kinematics Geometry, Descriptive Geometry Computer Aided Geometric Design.

2.Applied Geometry and Graphics:

Theoretical Aspects of Geometry Modeling of Objects. Phenomens and Processes. Application of Geometry in Arts, Scieness,Architecture and Engineering. Geometric aspects of Technical Art and Design.

3.Engineering Computer Graphics:

Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Computational Geometry, Geometric and Solid Modeling. Product Modeing, image Synthesis, Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing. Graphics Standards, Scientific and Technical Visualization.

4.Graphics Education:

Aspect of Descriptive Geometry and Graphics Education, including the reform of education, education technology research,multimedia education software developing, remote education system, virtual reality education system, education software developing tool reasearch and so on.

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