International Conference 2004

Welcome To GuangZhou

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Conference Program


Sunday August 1 2004

Opening Ceremonies (8:30 to 9:30)
Call to Order
Wei Xin
Vice Dean of Faculty of Electromechanical Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology

                                                      Welcome Address

Guangdong University of Technology …………………………………Chen Xin, Vice President
International Society for Geometry and Graphics …………………Gunter Weiss, President
China Engineering Graphics Society……………………………………Tong Bingshu, Vice President
Japan Society for Graphic Science ……………………………………Kenjiro Suzuki, President
The 11th ICGG Committee…………………………………………….
Zuo Zongyi Executive Chairman

Take picture (9:30 to 10:00)

                                              Invited Lectures: (10:00 to 12:00)

10:00 to 10:25         “Mathematical” Geometry Versus “Engineering” Geometry
                                  Gunter Weiss -Germany

10:25 to 11:10         Aspects of Geometry and Art
                                 Gert F. Baer - Germany

11:10 to 11:35         Engineering Graphics Development in China
                                Zongyi ZUO, Kaiping FENG, and Yuming DING -China

11:35 to 12:00        Evaluation of Students’ Spatial Abilities by a Mental Cutting Test
                                       -Review on the Surveys in the Past Decade-
                                Kenjiro SUZUKI – Japan

Lunch Break - 12:00 to 13:30
Technical Sessions - 13:30 - 15:10
Theoretical Graphics I
Jinyuan JIA – China
BRAILOV Aleksandr - Ukraine
Graphics Education I
Lin HU- China
Claus Putz - Germany
Application Graphics I
Yan ZHANG– China
GORSKA Renata - Poland

Discretization of All Directions Using Axisymmetric Hexacosahedron in Which 26 Solid Angles Derived from Each Polygon are All Equal -A Proposal for Visualization of Physical Quantity Defined by Direction
-Hirotaka SUZUKI, Kotaroh HIRATE, and Masahito YASUOKA -Japan

Present Status of Graphic Science and Graphic Representation Education in Japan
-Kunio KONDO, Kazuko MENDE, and Kenjiro SUZUKI -Japan

Geometric and Solid Modeling of Gears CAD/CAM:
-Sande GAO, Takuto SAGA, Toshiaki SAKURAI, and Saburo IGARASHI - Japan

Recognizing Polyhedrons from an Axonometric Drawing Based on Principle of Homograph
-ZHANG Guimei, GAO Mantun, and SHEN Yunwen -China

Evaluation of Students’ Spatial Abilities in Austria and Germany
-Emiko TSUTSUMI, Hellmuth STACHEL, Gunter WEISS, and Hans-Peter SCHRÖCKER –Japan, Austria, and Germany

The Research of Tooth Profile Curve
-Zheng PEI - China

Design of Compound Parametrical Surfaces by Means of Central and Orthogonal Projections
-Alexander Dubanov, and Maria Polezhaeva -Russia

A Study on the Physical Environment for the Teaching of Design Graphics
-Liang-Yee CHENG, and Maria Antonia Benutti GIUNTA -Brazil

A Sketch Interpreter System with Shading and Cross Section Lines by Freehand Drawing
-Haruki Shizuka, Weizhong Liu, Kunio Kondo, and Koichi Matsuda -Japan

On Jack Phillip's Spatial Involute Gearing
-Hellmuth STACHEL -Austria

The Development of Automatic Examination System Based on Autocad Engineering Graphics
-ZHAO Daxing, TONG Jiankai, and LI Jiuling -China

Research on an Intelligent Development Platform of Mold & Dies CAD (MDCAD) System
-Xiankun WANG, and Jing WANG - China

Tea Break - 15:10 - 15:40
Technical Sessions - 15:40 - 17:20
Theoretical Graphics II
GAO Mantun - China
VELICHOVA Daniela - Slovakia
Graphics Education II
Xiaochu TANG – China
KONDO Kunio - Japan
Application Graphics II
TAN Xiamei - China
Lidia ZAKOWSKA - Poland

A Voronoi-Based Algorithm for Point Cluster Generalization
-Haowen YAN, and Zhilin LI -China

Japan-China University Mechanical Drawing/CAD/Design Educational Exchange
-Tsutomu ARAKI - Japan

Clone Assembly and Building of Parameterized Parts Families Based on UG
S-hiyun LI, and Yayu HUANG - China

N-Cubes Inscribed in Simplices
-Krzysztof Witczynski -Poland

VRML Applied Research on Engineering Graphics Education
-FENG Kaiping, ZUO Zongyi, TANG Xilong, WANG Sui, and TANG Chaolan -China

Establishment of Design Data to Support Design Skills
–Nurturing the ability to image products from visual information-
-Kazuya Okusaka, Sozo Sekiguchi, Shigeaki Yokota, Kaneo Mizuno, and Shigeo Hirano - Japan

Finite Element Mesh Partition Method for the Welt Bifurcated Steel Pipes
-Mei YUAN, Yaping LI, and Hegao WU -China

Ability of Recognition for Three-Dimensional Shapes from Two-Dimensional Drawings
First Report: Research Method for Three-Dimensional Recognition and Obtained Data
-Kazuaki Kawakita, Masatoshi Niizeki, and Tomoaki Fuji -Japan

A Computer Aided Solution for Discriptive Geometry
-Yunfei ZHANG - China

Restoration of Grassman Geometrical Base of ?3 Curves When a Set of Points is Given as Data
-Abraham BANAI, and Michael MANEVICH - Israel

Ability of Recognition for Three-Dimensional Shapes from Two-Dimensional Drawings
Second Report: Analysis of Difficultness of Problems
-Masatoshi Niizeki, Kazuaki Kawakita, and Tomoaki Fuji -Japan

Step-Size Control for Symplectic Ray Tracingthrough an Error Map
-Tetsu R. Satoh - Japan


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